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Braam Malherbe

International motivational speaker, extreme adventurer, conservationist, youth developer, philanthropist, writer and educator


Leadership, Inspiration and Motivational SpeakingBraam Malherbe is one of the best international keynote and motivational speakers from South Africa. If you need an inspirational speaker for your conference, seminar, event or function, you can trust Braam to make sure your event is the highlight of the season! Braam has experience as a keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, facilitator and even delivers unique adventure and team experiences for bespoke events.


Pushing limits and defying the odds.Besides his numerous conservation projects, Braam is known as an extreme adventurer, specifically for his tremendous feats of running 4218km on the Great Wall of China, running the entire 3200km coastline of South Africa, and racing 768km to the South Pole. Many of his extreme feats have been linked to fundraising for ‘Operation Smile’ and raising awareness about environmental issues.


Safeguarding our natural world.From rescuing snakes, to saving rhinos from poachers, to educating children and school principals about the environmental future of the planet, Braam is actively involved in myriad conservation initiatives.Braam is campaigning for sustainable solutions to rhino poaching, and he is challenging governments to act decisively and with integrity. For more information, read his paper on the Rhino Wars.


Leaving a positive legacy.Braam champions many causes and organisations, using his public speaking engagements and his “Do One Thing” call to action to help environmental and philanthropic organisations educate the public about issues, and to raise funds so they can continue doing good work.The Great Wall of China expedition funded the inaugural mission in South Africa for Operation Smile, an international charity organisation providing corrective surgery for children born with cleft lip and cleft palate disfigurements. But there was more to come.Braam is proud to be the ambassador for one of SA’s biggest fundraising programmes – My School My Village My Planet. He uses the fund to support fundraising initiatives for Operation Smile, the MyPlanet Rhino Fund and the SANParks Honorary Rangers.The Cape Leopard Trust was established in August 2004 as an active predator conservation working group in the Cape. It uses research as a tool for conservation, finding solutions to human-wildlife conflict and inspiring interest in the environment through an interactive and dynamic environmental education programme, which successfully reaches over 8000 youngsters annually.

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