“Braam’s invitation for all of us to simply ‘Do One Thing’, is a great reminder that by small and simple means great things can be accomplished – if we all engage.  His simple act of inviting each and every one of us to do something so emotionally doable and small – contrasted with the seemingly insurmountable feats of courage, strength and faith that are the hallmarks of his life’s achievement – leaves little room for dismissive excuses and creates the perfect moment of quiet introspection for all of us – the moment when we decide to contribute rather than consume.  I feel privileged to know him and to have had him inspire and uplift our organization to reach for their personal best and to also be our best to our planet and it’s future.”

Tyler Norton – Chairman and Founder, ASEA Corporation

“Due to his high rating at the 2016 ThinkSales Sales Leadership Convention, we invited Braam Malherbe to speak at the 2017 Sales Leadership Convention. Even though a high percentage of the 2017 delegates were repeat attendees and had seen him speak before, Braam was placed as the top-rated speaker of 2017. In the 7 years of hosting The Annual Sales Leadership Convention it is the first time any speaker has received a standing ovation. His story, insights and messages blew the audience away. If you are looking for a speaker to inspire and move your audience, Braam Malherbe is outstanding and highly recommended.”

Andrew Honey – CEO ThinkSales Corporation 

“We have had over 35 speakers present at SalesGuru Live over the past 8 years and Braam is amongst the best I have seen.  His content and delivery are great but what separates Braam is his unique ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level with his message. This truly is a unique gift and the audience feedback was 10/10! I strongly recommend Braam to anyone who is looking to inspire their audience with a memorable message.”

Mark Keating, CEO SalesGuru

“I have seen Braam speak twice in Johannesburg, South Africa and was extremely impressed with his performance. I have heard many speakers and can confidently rate Braam amongst the best I have heard. He not only delivers a heart-felt message but challenges his audiences to move from complacency towards their innate fuller potential. It was because of this that we invited Braam to address a large corporate conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The audience was really moved and impressed as was evidenced by the standing ovation Braam received. I can say with absolute confidence that anyone considering using Braam as their keynote speaker will be suitably impressed.”

Steve Morris, Managing Partner The Eventful Group

“Dear Braam, I’d just like to thank you personally for what you are doing in our world. I’ve been photographing conference speakers for years and I have heard some of SA’s and the world’s best speakers at many conferences. None of them has had an impact on me quite like the talk you delivered for Edward Snell & Co last week.”

Dallas Dahms, Photographer

“On behalf of the Snell team, thank you for sharing the story of your remarkable achievements. I admire your commitment to being the best asset that you can possibly be to the planet and your life is evidence that if you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible. We could not have hoped for a more authentic and inspirational speaker at our conference.”

Iain Hooper , Managing Director Edward Snell & Co. Ltd

“A great big HUGE thank you for your presence today at our Circle of Life tea. Since getting back to the office I have been bombarded with emails and phone calls from guests who were touched deeply by your talk. It was simply amazing.  You are truly an incredible human being and inspirational role model.”

Liz Linsell, Head of Legacies, CIRCLE OF LIFE

“In the eleven years that I have been with RE/MAX I have seen many speakers at our numerous events. I can confidently say that Braam Malherbe is the best inspirational speaker we’ve ever had. At each of the four events he spoke at, you could hear a pin drop. That is how captivating he was. Little wonder he received standing ovations!”

Adrian Goslett, CEO: RE/MAX

“Thank you for the amazing presentation you did for us at our recent conferences. 1200 people exploded from their seats in a roaring standing ovation. What you are contributing to the world is so significant and your humble delivery of your story won the hearts of our people. You are an inspiration. Thank you!”
Irene Green, Head of Academy, Harcourts International

“Thank you again for a thought-provoking and awe-inspiring couple of hours spent in your presence. I’m truly humbled by your vision and mission in life … You are a true inspiration, an asset to our beautiful country, our continent, and our world.”
Julian Felix, Head, Business Markets Mpumalanga Province, Standard Bank

“Your willingness to endure immense physical and mental discipline, pain and discomfort for the good of the earth’s vulnerable children and wildlife has been astounding. We are inspired to be more, think bigger, and act globally and make a greater difference, to STEP UP! Thank you for your passion and example.”
Dr Mike Greeff & Dr Ruth Greeff

“It has certainly been a hard event to pull off with various cultural barriers to overcome and I believe you did an exceptional job.”
Nicolas le Roux Travelport GDS, Marketing Manager – EMEA

“Braam, your presentation this morning was utterly riveting and I know I speak for all in attendance here today. It is so inspiring to hear about what you have experienced and achieved and the way you approach your projects and indeed, your life. You put the EXTRA in Extraordinary and you are a rare ASSET to our planet”
Terri Coyle, Businesswoman, Somerset College Parent

“Braam’s speech was from the heart and showed our team how we all share in a responsibility to protect our environment and to work for the betterment of our fellow man. If you get a chance to get and read a copy of Braams book ‘The Great Run’. Do so, it is a wonderful story of courage, perseverance and determination and gives you insights into the human spirit and out collective responsibility to preserve our planet and to work for the good of all who inhabit it.”
Paul Wright, Chairman Harcourts International

“I have worked for a number of large organisations both here and in the UK and consequently have attended a vast number of inspirational/ motivational presentations by a wide variety of speakers throughout my career. This was by far the best one I have ever had the privilege of experiencing.
Bryan Drake

“I wish to thank you most sincerely for the inspirational presentation. Dave referred to your talk during the next few days and one often heard the words during conversation of ‘amazing’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘great’. Because we are committed to sustainable forestry, it was good to be reminded again about the responsibility we have towards our planet.”
Hester Evenwel, MTO Forestry


“Braam Malherbe deserves more thanks – His presentation was like a movie – laughs, tears, drama, the whole shebang!! And wow we bought 4 smiles, how encouraging. Well done WC on an excellent choice of speaker. I hope we have got word to him of what he motivated us to achieve.”
Thanushya Pillaye, President, SAAHIP National

“I was so moved by Braams speech. I had tears well up, I had goosebumps and I laughed…felt a surge of all kinds of emotion in that one hour. I am soooo happy with the WC choice of speaker. No-one other than extraordinary decides to run the great wall of China for the smile of a child!”
Roma Ramphal

“There is no way I can thank you enough for the impact you had on our students during the ISCE. The message you sent and the experiences you discussed are absolutely incredible and inspiring. You are a true role model, not only in your accomplishments, but also your character and generosity.
Suzanne Unger, Director of Student Programs & Curriculum Operation Smile International

“Thank you so much for being a part the first annual North American SHARE conference in Atlanta. On behalf of the SHARE community, we would like to express our appreciation for your engaging presentation. The feedback we received was outstanding and the overall satisfaction rating for the conference was 4.7 out of 5. We recognize that your contribution helped make this conference a remarkable success!”
Renee and The Eventful Group Team