In 2011/12 Braam, and Peter van Kets represented South Africa in an unassisted race to the In 2011/12 Braam, and Peter van Kets represented South Africa against 6 other teams in the Scott / Amundsen centenary race to the South Pole. This was an unassisted race of 552 miles (888 kms), which they covered in 24 days. They did this while man-hauling sleds weighing around 188 lbs (85 kgs) each, and in and a climate with high winds and an average temperature of -49° Fahrenheit (-45° C). Having only skied 8 weeks before the start, as well as being much older than their well-trained competitors, the duo still finished 3rd; and this, after carrying excess weight from their injured British competitors. They completed the race with just 90 minutes to spare in the allocated 24 days.

Target audience: Sales teams, marketing, staff, clients, award events, schools, sport conferences, after-dinner talks,

This talk focuses on personal development and how to encourage your life in a way that will inspire you and your team members to perform better and to inspire your clients to be part of your business. During this top motivational one-hour presentation Braam demonstrates through his expedition the following concepts and will give the audience these take-away lessons:

  • Dream big, minimize risks and nothing is impossible
  • More you give more you get
  • The power of the mind
  • DOT – The power of collective effort
  • Never give up
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  • The “i” in Team
  • The more you give the more you get
  • Making change work for you
  • One earth; One home; Our responsibility
  • Effective communication
  • Collaboration