Braam Malherbe is one of the best international keynote and motivational speakers from South Africa. If you need an inspirational speaker for your conference, seminar, event or function, you can trust Braam to make sure your event is the highlight of the season! Braam has experience as a keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, facilitator and even delivers unique adventure and team experiences for bespoke events.

Braam Malherbe is an influencer and motivational public speaker that helps people discover their sole purpose: choosing to live a life of both success and significance. He does this through his personal passion for adventure and conservation.

Despite coming from a background of fear, ego and self-service, this turned his life around after almost taking it himself and over the past 33 years has been honoured for his contribution as a world-class South African citizen, as an eco-warrior, as an influencer for good, as an exceptional and impactful speaker, and has survived numerous extreme world-first adventures.

He is living proof that ordinary people can be extra-ordinary.

Braam Malherbe, motivational speaker, can do:

  • Keynote speaking engagements
  • Conference presentations
  • Public speaking at brand launches and events
  • Smaller, intimate talks
  • Hosting of events and awards
  • Bespoke events and experiences (e.g. Night sky talks and star gazing experience, Bush tracking, Wildlife survival techniques, Migration events)
  • Master of Ceremonies

“Due to his high rating at the 2016 ThinkSales Sales Leadership Convention, we invited Braam Malherbe to speak at the 2017 Convention again. Braam was placed as the top-rated speaker of 2017. In the 7 years of hosting Convention it is the first time any speaker has received a standing ovation! His story, insights and messages blew the audience away. If you are looking for a speaker to inspire and move your audience, Braam Malherbe is outstanding and highly recommended.” Andrew Honey – CEO ThinkSales Corporation

“In the eleven years that I have been with RE/MAX I have seen many speakers at our numerous events. I can confidently say that Braam Malherbe is the best inspirational speaker we’ve ever had. At each of the four events he spoke at, you could hear a pin drop. That is how captivating he was. Little wonder he received standing ovations!” Adrian Goslett, CEO: RE/MAX

As a motivational speaker, Braam not only engages his audience by sharing key lessons, but also draws upon his life experiences and lessons to create a riveting and inspiring event for the audience. Braam inspires and motivates people to change their behaviours and challenge their limits.
Braam delivers a range of talks encompassing gripping tales of adventure, profound acts of humanity and inspiring accounts about overcoming obstacles and meeting extreme challenges. He transfers his experiences to the business environment, relating back to organisational vision and strategy, individual behaviour, sustainability, perseverance and excellence.

Awards, Acknowledgements and Achievements

2010 – Men’s Health 2010 Unsung Hero
1999 – CEO of the Volunteer Wildfire Association (Volunteer Firefighters).
2012 – SABC3 Enviropaedia Eco Logic Award in the Category Eco Warrior
2014 – Listed in City Press as Top 100 World Class South Africans
2015 – Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership award for outstanding service to the people of southern Africa through communication and leadership
2015 – Awesome South Africans-of-the-Year award for 2015
2016 – The Titans Building Nations Country award for most influential man in Leadership and Motivation through action in the SME sector, as well as the SADC Regional title.

braam malherbe accolades extreme adventure row run and ski

Braam’s adventures are extraordinary and always purpose driven. He is a riveting international motivational speaker, applying lessons learnt from his experiences to talk about innovation and change, resilience, purpose, courage, leadership, teamwork, and making the impossible possible.

In 2006 Braam, together with a running partner David Grier, accomplishing a world first by running 4 200 km along the entire length of the Great Wall of China in a single attempt. This translated into running an average of more than a full marathon a day for 98 days. What an adventure!

In 2008 Braam, achieved a second world-first by running the entire coastline of South Africa, a distance of over 3, 200 km, with running partner David Grier. These expeditions raised over R2.5 million for Operation Smile, providing corrective surgery for children born with cleft lip and cleft palate disfigurements.

In 2010 Braam was invited to be a TV presenter on the SABC2 nature program 50/50. He was a field presenter on contentious environmental issues, but he also developed his own slot: “Get connected with Braam”.

In 2011 Braam, and his race partner Peter van Kets represented South Africa in an unassisted race against the clock to the South Pole, a distance of 888 km, which they covered in 24 days. They did this while man-hauling sleds weighing around 85 kg each, in a climate with high winds and an average temperature of -45° C. This expedition was to highlight the problems we face as a result of climate-change (of which Braam is an expert).

On 9 May 2017, Braam achieved his third world-first. Together with his rowing partner Wayne Robertson he rowed a 6.8m rowing boat 8 100kms from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro in 92 days. The pair rowed in continuous two-hourly shifts, with one rowing while the other made water and food and tried to sleep. The journey was fraught with problems, such as being capsized four times, 40 foot breaking swells and being submerged for five minutes, their water desalinator broke, 27 near collisions with super tankers and more… Severe sleep deprivation even caused hallucinations.


Extreme Performance – Cape to Rio Unassisted Row

Under extreme pressure and difficult circumstances your options are either failure or peak performance. Braam shares the story of his third world-first achievement: rowing unassisted from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro all in the name of the DOT Challenge. Tremendous challenges face him from start to finish including near collisions, sleep deprivation and dehydration.


  • Dreaming big, planning well and minimizing risk
  • Discover your purpose and pursue it
  • Overcome obstacles and develop resilience
  • Mobilizing teams and influencing others

Nothing is Impossible – Running the Great Wall of China

How to turn big dreams into reality. Braam talks about his epic adventure and world-first: running the entire length of the Great Wall of China. A race against time that saw him and his running partner pitted against sandstorms, exhaustion and fear. Discover how family, purpose and a single child made it possible to overcome the impossible.


  • Discover and harness your purpose
  • Develop a dream worth fighting for
  • Mental resilience and grit
  • Mobilizing teams

Leading with Courage – The Race to the South Pole

In 2011/12 Braam, and Peter van Kets represented South Africa in an unassisted race to the South Pole, a distance of 552 miles (888 kms), which they covered in 24 days. They did this while man-hauling sleds weighing around 188 lbs (85 kgs) each, and in and a climate with high winds and an average temperature of -49° Fahrenheit (-45° C)

Don’t survive. Thrive. Learn from nature and use change as a way to differentiate and accelerate. Change means you are alive. Stagnation means you are dying.


  • Innovation
  • How to respond in the moment of Crisis
  • How to leverage assets

More keynote and motivational speaking presentations for your event, seminar, conference, weekend seminar, year end function or bespoke event

Braam customises his talks to suit your audience and objectives. Whether it is changing organisational behaviour, motivating a team, inspiring youth, lobbying environmental issues, entertaining a dinner audience, fundraising or driving excellence in your business, he will deliver the message you want to convey in a captivating and energising way that will leave your audience inspired and ready to take on any challenge.

  1. The I in TEAM
  2. Discovering your Purpose
  3. Leading with Courage
  4. Business: Your Extreme Adventure
  5. Learn from Nature
  6. One planet, One home

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“I have seen Braam speak twice and was extremely impressed with his performance. I have heard many speakers and can confidently rate Braam among the best I have heard. He not only delivers a heart-felt message but challenges his audiences to move from complacency towards their innate fuller potential. I can say with absolute confidence that anyone considering using Braam as their keynote speaker will be suitably impressed.” Steve Morris, Managing Partner The Eventful Group

“We have had over 35 speakers present at SalesGuru Live over the past 8 years and Braam is among the best I have seen. His content & delivery are great but what separates Braam is his unique ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level with his message. This truly is a unique gift and the audience feedback was 10/10! I strongly recommend Braam to anyone who is looking to inspire their audience with a memorable message.” Mark Keating, CEO SalesGuru

“Thank you for the amazing presentation you did for us at our recent conferences. 1200 people exploded from their seats in roaring standing ovation. What you are contributing to the world is so significant and your humble delivery of your story won the hearts of our people. You are inspiration.” Irene Green , Harcourts International Ltd