Braam champions many causes and organisations, using his public speaking engagements and his “Do One Thing” call to action to help environmental and philanthropic organisations educate the public about issues, and to raise funds so they can continue doing good work.

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The powerful sustainability values that Braam represents align well with many socially and environmentally conscious corporates. For example, Braam is an ambassador for MyPlanet and Cape Leopard Trust, both of which are active in promoting awareness of environmental issues. Braam assists them in communicating their values by doing talks to their stakeholders and supporting their social and environmental campaigns.

Braam believes in the power of giving: he works with Operation Smile, where he makes a difference in help fundraising so that children can have facial deformities such as cleft palates repaired.

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Operation Smile


The Great Wall of China expedition funded the inaugural mission in South Africa for Operation Smile, an international charity organisation providing corrective surgery for children born with cleft lip and cleft palate disfigurements. But there was more to come.

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Only two years later, in 2008, after serious knee surgery and his doctors saying he’d never run again, Braam (with his friend David) completed another world first by running a “Smile around South Africa”, following the entire South African coastline, from Namibia to Mozambique (3278km). Through these achievements, in excess of R2.5 million were raised for Operation Smile.



MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet

Braam is proud to be the ambassador for one of SA’s biggest fundraising  programmes – My School My Village My Planet. He uses the fund to support fundraising initiatives for Operation Smile, the MyPlanet Rhino Fund and the SANParks Honorary Rangers.

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The My School My Village My Planet programme gives the public the opportunity to raise valuable funds (for schools, charities, and environmental and animal welfare projects) by swiping a card as they make purchases at a range of stores, including Woolworths.

Braam believes, “If we as individuals each do one thing that contributes to creating a sustainable future, collectively we do great things.” 

The Cape Leopard Trust was established in August 2004 as an active predator conservation working group in the Cape. It uses research as a tool for conservation, finding solutions to human-wildlife conflict and inspiring interest in the environment through an interactive and dynamic environmental education programme, which successfully reaches over 8000 youngsters annually.

The rare Cape mountain leopard is used as a Flagship and Umbrella species, to highlight broader environmental issues, working with farmers, landowners and stakeholders to reduce leopard conflict by facilitating improved management. Since its inception, the Cape Leopard Trust has become an  authority on predator conservation in the Cape, and one of the leading authorities in SA.

The vision of the Cape Leopard Trust is to ensure the long-term survival of leopard populations by promoting peaceful coexistence and the protection of landscapes, empowered by science, positive community partnerships, education and advocacy.