The MyPlanet Rhino Fund (administered by the Endangered Wildlife Trust) puts rhino conservation in the spotlight, and has supported best practice and innovation since its creation in March 2011. The fund recognises that there is no single solution that can address the complexity of the illegal wildlife trade and avert the country’s rhino poaching crisis.

The MyPlanet Rhino Fund therefore disperses its funds to a variety of conservation organisations and government agencies that use a range of best practice and proven programmes and interventions to protect rhinos.

Braam Malherbe, MyPlanet Ambassador and Panel Member on the MyPlanet Rhino Fund says, “There are many well-run and credible organisations raising money for rhino conservation, but there are also a lot of scams preying on human emotions. We started the fund, represented by a broad range of interested an affected parties, to help ensure funding is going where it’s needed most. We are delighted that every year our support base keeps growing. It’s a brilliant effort on the part of South African consumers.”

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