As passion grows numbers to a tipping point, its power helps create change. Find out how you can help save the planet through the #DOT (Do One Thing) App

When Malcolm Gladwell first published his book ‘The Tipping Point’ in 2000, little did he know that it would become a bestseller.  Showing how so-called ‘ordinary’ people can change the world, the book’s subtitle “how little things make a difference” – explains how the power of passion can change the world. In explaining the ‘tipping point’, Gladwell demonstrates how, when something grows in numbers to a critical mass, it becomes viral and creates change.

This is exactly what the #DOT (Do One Thing) App will do! Launched towards the mid of November 2016, the DOT App will be free to the world and is a little like Facebook for the planet. There are four simple categories on the App – the four most pressing problems facing our survival on Earth: Water; Waste; Energy and Conservation. The App will show you how easy it is to DOT and create a ripple effect that will get millions to make many small, seemingly insignificant changes that will change the world. You see, people don’t like change, but when it’s made easy and fun we’re no longer resistant.

It’s not how many DOTs you do, but rather how many people you can challenge to do your DOT. A few simple examples: guys, when you shave, switch the tap off; when you brush your teeth, switch the tap off; put a brick in your toilet cistern and every time you flush you save a litre of water; shower, don’t bath; don’t eat beef, it takes 22 litres for one hamburger (yes, really!).

A really easy way to DOT is to get a free MySchool card in any Woolies store and make the MyPlanet Rhino Fund your beneficiary. By doing this, every time you shop and swipe the card you know you are contributing to best practices in rhino conservation. Currently, the fund is raising in excess of R250 000 per month…now that’s a lot of people doing many small things!