As the sun dips to the horizon and I see no sign of life bar a solitary petrel, I must dig deep. I have just ended my last 1.5hr row shift, hands blistered and my left side still purple from the cracked rib after the boat rolled. I’m grateful that it doesn’t effect my rowing but it makes sleep difficult, even though I am beyond tired.

As I was rowing, I thought of people driving home, looking forward to a cold beer or glass of wine with friends. Excited, perhaps, at the anticipation of a rested and relaxed weekend. And we row, day and night. 1.5 or 2 hr shifts. Fatigue indescribable at times.
But worth it in the end. Worth it because I believe in humanity’s ability, and indeed, desire to change, to make a positive contribution. How will we explain to our children why there are no rhinos, or fish, or bees, or why the sky is turning green from methane?
How will we explain why we never cared enough?  It is time for change.
Spare a moment, if you will, and think of Wayne Robertson and me on this great ocean, rowing while you enjoy your weekend.
Please join us on our journey and offer your support by simply doing a DOT…Do One Thing this weekend, for the sake of our future and the future of your children and all the species they deserve to see snd protect.

#DOTchallenge #OceanRescue