The last few days have certainly been the toughest rowing for both Wayne and me both physically and mentally.

After good easterly tail winds for 4 days it all went pear shape – the wind came from the NW at about 6 knots. This meant pushing hard with the right leg or pulling hard with the right hand, which really slow forward movement covering only 40 miles in 24hr period.

Our callous hands tore and opened exposing fresh raw skin. Salt and sweat adding to the pain.

Wearing gloves does not work for me as my hands sweat more and blisters often worst.

Then it all changed again in our favor as the easterly winds assisting our rowing as the coast looms closer. Our current boat speed between 4 – 5knots. We are hoping to

sight land in the next 4 – 5 days – really exciting for us and this instill motivation to row harder towards Rio de Janeiro. Landfall 260 miles  away, that is 480kms.

We are hoping to sight Rio Doce lighthouse first, as we begin our last haul to Rio de Janeiro if the wind favor us we hope to reach Rio in the next 10 – 12 days. Wow!

There was not one day or night that I don’t think of the purpose behind this incredible effort and hardship , to be the greatest asset to the Earth and hopefully to inspire others to do the same.