Many people have asked me ‘what percentage of this expedition is mind?’ To be frank, it varies, because some days, when the body is so depleted, it simply craves rest and the mind also shuts down. Thought requires energy and sometimes, especially when exhausted, negatives creep in.

This is when I do deep trance, or meditation. My psychologist, Jeffrey Rink, is also my mind coach. Over the past year or so, in preparation for this epic journey, he has taught me self-hypnosis, or trance. This is a breathing and thought technique which lowers adrenaline and increases serotonin in the brain. It has fundamentally changed my life! When I am depressed and generally run down, I invest in charging myself and build the power banks.

Yesterday was one if my worst days so far; not because of anything in particular. I was just fatigued beyond words. I didn’t want to move, let alone row. Finished, on empty. I took time on my breaks to do two trance sessions and the results were phenomenal! Recharged and cooking on gas today!

Then, of course, there are the little highs (in this case, BIG high), that simply lift the spirits in seconds. I was under the boat feeding Raymond the remora when I saw what looked like a shark coming towards me. It was difficult to gauge distance because of the incredible visibility. As it neared I recognized it as a huge sun fish. It was curious and came literally within two meters of me, accompanied by three remoras. Raymond even got excited and went to the bow to take a closer look! I thought he might ‘jump ship’ but he knows a good restaurant when he sees one!

The sun fish was breathtakingly beautiful, it’s extended dorsal and caudal fins propelling it gracefully and effortlessly next to me. The remoras cleaning all the time, one around the big glistening dark eye, the other at the round open mouth. Glistening silver blue, she spend a good ten minutes alongside me before slowly drifting away, getting smaller and smaller into the big blue.

Exhilarating and blessed to have such raw and wild beauty grace me!

Onwards ho!