This has been a good day! After so many days of cloud, rain, storms and rough seas the bright Atlantic sun shines down on an exceptionally deep blue sea!

Whilst rowing, my mind wandered (as it does!) and I found myself sitting on my deck at my holiday cabin at Beaverlac looking at the far mountains turn purple after the sun had dipped away, sipping on a drink, ice blocks clinking in the glass. I thought, ‘not too long now, not too long’! As it has been said, “Time and the hour runner through the longest day”. And so it will be.

I finished a two hour rowing session not quite sure of where I’d been or for how long. My mind had been far far away. It reminded me that ‘of all the things I’ve lost in life, I miss my mind the most’!

Then, into the big blue. Mask on, GoPro in hand. Fish! Beautiful silver and blue with orange and yellow tails. I counted fifteen of them. I dived down deep and filmed them from below with the suns rays like silver needles; the fish, as if in a dance with the light, darting effortlessly between the sharp shards. I was utterly humbled and remain elated as the sun says farewell until tomorrow.

Thank you so much for all the messages which are occasionally sent to me by my team in Cape Town. They motivate me and keep me going.

Wishing you all a great weekend as we row, hour by hour, day