I got up to row just before sunrise this morning, heralding in my first shift today. My left side had cramped, probably from the incessant rocking of the boat with the all too occasional side smack of a wave on the port bow, coupled with the still bruised rib.

I wet my hands in the sea to get the raw patches on my hands soft and began my stint. My left hands fingers kept cramping and I had to keep straightening my fingers. ‘Darn, after all these days of no cramps’ I said out loud. Then I realized I had not had much water over the last 24 hours. Lesson learned!

It is vital, whether on an expedition of this magnitude or in business, that when one is very fatigued discipline must rise to the fore. It is really difficult to remain disciplined when there is serious sleep deprivation but this is where training and habit comes in.

I have 3 sides to my training model which, I believe, works in any situation, whether business, family or sport:

1 Exercise: whether the mind and/or the body

2 Rest: both actual sleep or relaxing with a good book

3 Fuel: food and liquids.

These 3 equally important points are circled with an over-arching neon like sign: DREAM (or Vision). Without this, you will fall short at the slightest hardship, because purpose and significance are the keys to pushing through the darkest night, the toughest of times.

Yesterday, we crossed a milestone; we past Greenwich. Therefore (if you look at the co-ordinates) we are now 000.W and west of the meridian and counting up.

Great little psychological boost.

#DOTChallenge #CapeToRioRow