Yesterday was Wayne birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wayne Robertson! We celebrated with proper hazelnut coffee and coconut milk.

We have finally turned full west at 270deg and making our heading directly to Rio!! This is very good for our mind.

A hard nights rowing with me shouting ‘help, help’ in my dazed sleep. I know, because I was still saying it quietly out loud when I woke! I was being held down and strangled. On interpretation, I feel a deep helplessness at times. That my small voice, in the grand scheme of things, cannot possibly be heard, that it is simply stifled in the din of madness most of us call ‘life’. Well, I will have nothing of it! We, each one of us, is here for a purpose beyond our insipide and pathetic egos; and yes, I have one too. But, being still in the wilderness of Nature, one is deeply humbled. And, in this silence, we come to understand the love and power of our connection to something so much bigger than little me, and in that understanding I am compelled to be an asset towards a greater good. This is my drive, my purpose, and it is for sure, in you as well!

I have been scratching an itch on my right pectoral muscle for a few days now. A recent scar after ripping my chest on a screw on the boat whilst still on shore. A few stitches and I was good to go. I opened it up this morning and pulled out a single stitch I had not seen and therefore not removed. A small infection but now all good. Almost daily, small, seemingly small things, get in the way of ‘plain sailing’. I believe this is part of the test of life…hold a big dream, a great vision, and the small irritations fall by the wayside.

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