After a weird trance-like night, where my mind wandered between drifting swells of ocean mirroring a blazing heaven of stars and a restless worrying in-and-out of a few hours of nonsensical sleep, I rowed my first 1.5 hour morning shift as the sun peeked, almost as wearily as me, over a lumpy horizon. ‘Another day of nothingness’, I murmured out loud. The statement seemed to echo my own mind! Just then, I noticed what I thought were small birds skimming between the swells. ‘Looking for small fish’ I thought. There were only four and then they vanished, only to reappear from behind a passing swell. They were not birds but flying fish! Shimmering silver and blue as they glided effortlessly  for well over a hundred meters, lightly touching the water as if to sip from her. Then vanishing, and reappearing, closer now to the boat. I stopped rowing and drifted in awe as two of them sailed silently across the stern of the @Mhondoro boat, not more than a meter away!

Something so small and seemingly insignificant changed my mood from one of melancholic self pity to instant elation and wonder.

In my motivational talks I often chat about the power of the mind and how, with training, one can influence ones own attitude in the most extremely difficult of situations. If there is great purpose, you can overcome the most impossible of odds!

My aching hands, blistered and dry after an hour or two’s rest, are really sore within  5 minutes of rowing as the wet sea and adult softens them once again. The pain subsides after about 10 minutes. This again, is dependent on my thinking! Powerful beyond words this gray matter in my our heads! #DOTchallenge #CapeToRioRow