So as you know Saturday night has been seriously hectic. We have been completely rolled over 4 times with one keeping us upside down under water for 5 minutes. We had to try and crawl side ways and upwards while watching not to stand on and possibly break our instrument panel. Finally, she self-righted with a sudden bang. The inside of the boat was chaos afterwards, with the mattress pulled out, our gear all over the place.
On Sunday night we had one more violent roll and another close call with a ship! He altered course at a mile away.
After lying upside down our second capsize on Saturday, our navigation lights went off…when the ship was coming towards us! Scary, but Murphy’s Law I guess.
We putted the drogue anchor (small parachute-looking sea anchor) off the stern (back) of Mhondoro. The sea is so big and the wind is so strong, that the boat was lifted sideways and the drogue rope snapped. I immediately attached a second, shorter one which held us steady through the night and we got some sleep at night for a change. It was really necessary.
But then we lost another drogue! So we lost two drogues as lines snapped in the heavy swell.
It is impossible to row in this as we will be washed overboard. So we decided we will sit out the storm.
We have to fix the nav light and straightening bent poles.
It is wet and miserable here and now we just hoping for a break and some sunshine soon.
Today, for only the second day in 15, we had calmer sea and wind, although swell 8 feet it’s small compared to what we’ve had. We spent all day repacking and drying things. Water was 4cm at foot of mattress and also, somehow, water in the aft (back) locker. The gas canisters had to be individually cleaned of rust, dried and packed into ziplock bags. We straightened a bent mirror pole and repositioned rowing seat 2 into front row station.
Wayne Robertson joked that we were house keeping… and also he managed to fix the nav light!! So ships can see us at night.
We are out of survival mode and back into expedition mode!
Forward and ready to Rock!

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