If you’re wondering where the year has gone, and how it’s time for year-end functions again, you’re not alone! It has been a tough year for many companies and its crucial to acknowledge employees, inspire and motivate them for the year head.

Make your year-end function really special (not just an eat-and-run affair) by bringing meaningful and significant touches into the event.

Fresh ideas for a more special and significant year end function 2018

  1. Play a game where employees have a blank paper pinned on their back. Employees walk around, while music plays, and write (positive!) words that describe the other person on their back. When the game is over, every employee has a word-cloud of positive feedback about how other people perceive them!
  2. Allow every voice to be heard: challenge each person to share a special memory from the past year, in a creative way! For example, create a poem, design a card, sign a rap, mime a move, tell a joke… all creative ways to remember highlights and be grateful for special moments.
  3. Invite a motivation speaker to inspire your team at their year end function.

Book a Motivational and Inspirational Guest Speaker for Your Year-End Function 2018

This is where I come in: Your year has been long and strenuous, and now you need to plan a function as well! You need to “ensure this event is special, cost effective, inspirational, motivating, relaxing, memorable….” No pressure!

I have years of experience in delivering exactly what you need and help ensure your year end function 2018 is one that will leave employees fulfilled, joyful, hopeful and motivated for 2019: the best year of your life!


Book Braam Malherbe, 3 x World First Extreme Adventurer, Conservationist, Author, Philanthropist, International Speaker

November 2018 – Jan 2019

R30 000 R20 000 ex Vat per Keynote talk

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Book Inspiration Speaker Braam Malherbe Year End Function 2018