Yolanda Guse, a 23 year old student together with the support of 4 animal protection organisations, Beauty without Cruelty SAUnited Front 4 Animals (UFA), OWL South African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI) and Animal Voice, the official South African representative of Compassion in World Farming, are promoting and supporting a petition encouraging McDonald’s South Africa to adopt a cage-free egg policy like their international counterparts https://www.change.org/mcdonaldssacruelty – McDonald’s US, Canada Australia and Europe have already committed to phasing out a cage-free egg policy within the next 10 years.

Despite more than 17 600 people signing the online petition and additional pressure from these four animal protection groups, the public and local celebrities, McDonald’s South Africa still won’t make a commitment to stop the suffering of their hens and commit to cage-free eggs used in their most popular products.

Braam met with farmer Angus at Spier Biodynamic Farm on Friday, 30 September.

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