Saving the planet may seem like a daunting task, but if we all start with just one small, environmentally friendly act, we can collectively make a huge difference!


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Braam is challenging everyone to get involved in the race against time that our precious planet is facing and “Do One Thing” to make a positive difference to the future of our planet.


It is the accumulation of a lot of little things that make a big difference over time. It hasn’t been a handful of vicious individuals that are destroying our planet. It’s the little plastic bag or bottle each of us throws out every day that form country-sized plastic floats that clog up the oceans. Every South African consumer has the power to make “greener” choices that help the environment.

Through Braam’s DOT campaign, he tries to help as many individuals as possible to understand the important role all of us have to play. Every person needs to take responsibility, to do at least one thing to protect our environment. In doing so, we will begin to heal not only our home, but ourselves as well.


Please DO ONE THING for the environment today, then share your DOT with friends on social media to inspire other to do the same. Braam will be launching a DOT app in 2015 to enable people around the world to share their actions for the planet.

“Your DOT might just inspire someone else to do one thing.”- Braam Malherbe

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