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Fresh ideas for a more special and significant year end function 2018

If you’re wondering where the year has gone, and how it’s time for year-end functions again, you’re not alone! It has been a tough year for many companies and its …
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31 Aug 2018 DOT Star: Stefanie Swanepoel

My DOT Star of the week is Stefanie Swanepoel. She is the founder of Ecobrick Deep South in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa and is helping people in the city …
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17 Aug 2018 DOT Star: Tijmen Sissing

A backpacker picking up trash and reducing single use plastics

Our DOT Star of the week is Tijmen Sissing (@thetrashpacker), a Dutchman and backpacker, 27, who loves eco-friendly traveling. Tijmen …
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10 Aug 2018 DOT Star: Sibusiso Mrauzeli

Changing old tyres into functional art

Our DOT Star of the week is Sibusiso Mrauzeli! He was chosen by Braam because Sibu makes a wide range of chairs and tables …
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3 Aug 2018 DOT Star: Jenni Trethowan

Baboon Matters Trust Cape Town


Braam’s DOT Star of the week is Jenni Trethowan, founder of Baboon Matters Trust! For 25 years Jenni has been Doing One Thing – fighting …
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27 July DOT Star: The Moonling

Braam Malherbe’s DOT Star for this week is: The Moonling!

“The Moonling is my DOT Star of the week because he loves Earth, he respects it, he is willing to …
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20 July 2018 DOT Star: Karoline Hanks

Single Use Plastics? There is an Alternative!

Exciting!! Braam Malherbe’s DOT Star of the week is Karoline Hanks! Congratulations. She started SUPA Single USE Plastic Alternatives 2 years ago and …
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6 July 2018 DOT Star: Jenny, 5 years old

Collecting plastic to create owl houses

Introducing DOT Stars! Every week I honour a person who is taking up the #DOTChallenge to Do One Thing every day and using their …
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Mastering Personal Leadership: The Moments that Define You

Leadership is a big word with many connotations. Often, during Q&A sessions after my talks or in workshops, the same question pops up: “Are leaders born or are they made?” …
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Do One Thing for Plastic Free July with #DOTchallenge
3 years ago

Do One Thing for Plastic Free July with #DOTchallenge

Choose to Refuse Plastics and the #DOTchallenge

This year the Plastic Free July campaign, an international initiative aimed at mobilising citizens to say no to single use plastics, has more …
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