On the 9 May 2017 after spending 92 days at sea Braam together with his partner Wayne Robertson, achieved an epic world first  by rowing approximately 8,100kms from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro yacht club. They rowed in a small vessel Mhondoro (www.mhondoro.com) and they arrived to their destination on the 9 May 2017 after spending 92 days at sea.

Their mission is to raise awareness of the state of our planet by successfully completing a daunting distance across the ocean in a row boat but more importantly, launching the DOT (Do One Thing) Challenge in order that people all around the world can contribute to their passionate plea.

This world-first expedition will be the recognized as being the most southern rowing expedition ever undertaken from South Africa. They covered approximately 8100km in 92 days and more then 2m strokes.

Besides the obvious physical and mental challenges of every long expedition, the extraordinariness of their mission includes an extremely perilous crossing in unpredictable and variable weather conditions of the Southern Atlantic ocean, having to avoid countless collisions with ships or underwater vessels which happen to cross the Atlantic on a similar route and of course the possibility of encountering whales. This has entailed being on constant and vigilant alert, each of them rowing continuously in two- hour shifts to ensure a safe crossing.

More extraordinary however is that this challenge is entirely unassisted and unsupported. There is not a single rescue boat following them  or in contact with them at all and in an emergency, the closest ship would be their only source of help- which could be days away.

And though Malherbe is no stranger to world-first expeditions, this is his first challenge in the ocean and first time he crossed an ocean.  On these prior expeditions, having a support team on route meant that all his energy could be focused on running and each night he could rest and recharge, with his team ensuring that he was re-energised and properly fed.

The purposes is to raise awareness of earth issues which are continuously and increasingly reaching Tipping point.

Malherbe founded the DOT Foundation (www.thedotfoundation.org) to support projects that provide education and assistance in one of the four categories – water, waste, energy and conservation, and started the DOT Challenge campaign to highlight the importance of doing one thing for the planet on a daily basis.

Contact us for booking him for a motivational talk upon his return to share his latest adventure. 

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