My presentations are based on real life experiences

I have been an extreme adventurer and conservationist since the age of 17.

People tend to relate to another’s life experiences and stories, and as all my expeditions have taught me very practical life lessons and perspectives, I base my talks on my personal journeys.

I’ve done this for the most successful organizations around the world

I have been invited to South Africa, Israel, Germany, France, UK, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, USA and more. The fact that most of my speeches receive standing ovations is testament to the effect the emotional message behind my talks has on audiences.

I have been fortunate enough to have addressed audiences of some of the most successful companies and brand names throughout the world, including Barloworld, Harcourts International, Harvey World Travel, Johnson & Johnson, Metropolitan, Nando’s, Oceana Group, Reserve Bank of SA, Sanofi Aventis, Sotheby’s Realty, Sun International, Virgin Active, Woolworths, Old Mutual, Nedbank, Pure life Experience, Adidas, Toyota and others.

I customize my presentation to your specific needs

Before each presentation I meet with the decision makers of a company in order to realise the dynamics of the environment and learn to understand the company’s vision and goals and what it is you wish to achieve through my presentation.

I’m a professional

I have been a professional motivational speaker for ten years. I have managed to hone my skills during this time. I never do the same speech twice and will always speak from the heart.

I love what I do, and it shows. I often say it is not a job, it is passion and that is why I’m not only successful, but also significant. My life is purpose-driven.

I’ll inspire and motivate you, your employees and your clients to positively change

I have learnt, through study and through my own practical experience, just how powerful the mind is.

Before I ran the Great Wall of China doctors and other professionals told me it would be physically impossible, yet I did it and managed to do a world-first that has never been repeated.

I live to help people reach their greatest potential

I believe that if you have big dreams, plan well and minimize risk…nothing is impossible. We need to stop blaming and feeling entitled, but rather to lead lives of integrity and responsibility.

I inspire people to dream big and never give up. I teach you how to train your mind to reach your fullest potential. I direct audiences to the importance of being an asset. ‘If you are not an asset you are a liability’.

I inspire people every day – through my talks, interviews, in my writing and practically.

I’m open, honest and humorous and love to share my life story which I talk about openly and honestly

We all share many similar life issues, challenges, happy and sad moments. There is no better way than to connect with communities through joy and humour, it unites us all. At the end of the day, we all aspire to happiness. I share what we need to do as people in order to find ourselves in a “place of happy” more often in our lives.