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Jenni Trethowan - DOT Star from Braam Malherbe's  DOT Challenge

Jenni Trethowan – DOT Star from Braam Malherbe’s DOT Challenge

Braam’s DOT Star of the week is Jenni Trethowan, founder of Baboon Matters Trust! For 25 years Jenni has been Doing One Thing – fighting for the ethical treatment of baboons. Initially in Cape Town, but in recent years throughout South Africa, Jenni has advocated tenaciously for the humane treatment of South Africa’s largest primates as they come into increasing conflict with humans over food and land resources.

She has been featured in over 40 documentaries, received numerous awards, published a book, and been personally commended on her work by Dr Jane Goodall. Over the years she has addressed many thousands of learners, university students, academics, film-makers, journalists, and residents of affected areas – changing perceptions, giving people a better understanding of our primate relatives and that they have the fundamental right to exist just as we do, and offering ethical solutions for managing conflict.

What is DOT Star and the #DOTchallenge?

Braam Malherbe’s #DOT (Do One Thing) Challenge is to use your personal opportunities and influence to make a commitment to a conservation cause or other charitable cause that you are passionate about. If we each decide and commit to Do One Thing (#DOT) every single day we can create an eco-movement of positive change for the planet.

“My DOT Challenge is honouring people who are taking action for the planet. Every week we feature a DOT Star (kind of like a “rock star” for the planet): someone who is using their personal time and influence to make a difference to animals and the environment. If you think you are our next DOT Star, or would like to nominate someone please send your motivation plus photos to me via email or messenger.” – Braam Malherbe

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