Braam Malherbe’s DOT Star for this week is: The Moonling!

“The Moonling is my DOT Star of the week because he loves Earth, he respects it, he is willing to be vulnerable and to stand up for what’s right. Also, this book creates an opportunity for parents to connect with their children around these crucial topics and raise aware young human beings,” says Braam Malherbe – International Speaker, Extreme Adventurer, Conservationist

"The Moonling is an exceptional book. I read it twice and cried both times!" - Braam Malherbe

“The Moonling is an exceptional book. I read it twice and cried both times!” – Braam Malherbe

Moonling is a fictional character but some say he is closer to reality we realise. The plot? An Earthling, Karl, develops a friendship with a Moonling who has been longing to visit Earth… Through their friendship we see that the earth is a community to which we belong (it does not belong to us); we realise that we are only stewards of the earth, and we begin to use it with love and respect.

“Research shows that empathy with, and love of, nature grows out of children’s regular contact with the natural world. Unless our children make nature personal, they will continue to be aliens on their own planet and then where will the future stewards of the earth come from?”
R20 from each book sold goes towards the DOT Foundation and best practices in nature conservation.


What is DOT Star and the #DOTchallenge?

Braam Malherbe’s #DOT (Do One Thing) Challenge is to use your personal opportunities and influence to make a commitment to a conservation cause or other charitable cause that you are passionate about. If we each decide and commit to Do One Thing (#DOT) every single day we can create an eco-movement of positive change for the planet.

“My DOT Challenge is honouring people who are taking action for the planet. Every week we feature a DOT Star (kind of like a “rock star” for the planet): someone who is using their personal time and influence to make a difference to animals and the environment. If you think you are our next DOT Star, or would like to nominate someone please send your motivation plus photos to me via email or messenger” – Braam Malherbe

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