Single Use Plastics? There is an Alternative!

Exciting!! Braam Malherbe’s DOT Star of the week is Karoline Hanks! Congratulations.
She started SUPA Single USE Plastic Alternatives 2 years ago and creates a range of beautiful and practical SUP Alternative products! She is also involved in a school food garden project, where she has built a raised bed using 300 Eco Bricks.

Karoline Hanks - Braam Malherbe's DOT Star of the week

Karoline Hanks – Braam Malherbe’s DOT Star of the week

“I managed the Noordhoek recycling depot for almost ten years (in the early 2000s) and this got me passionate about waste management and looking at ways to considerably reduce household waste output. My real single-use plastic journey started in 2013 when I started my crusade against plastic sachets used to hydrate road runners in races. The campaign has gained momentum of late, and a group of us now have the #ICarryMyOwncampaign, which is an exciting drive to find alternative plastic-free hydration options”.

In a bid to reduce organic waste to landfill, Karoline has been running a home compost exchange system with about ten members of the Noordhoek community for over a year. Community members bring their kitchen waste and in exchange they receive a bucket of compost, which she generates. #Fresh 😉

Her main message: OPEN your eyes, really engage with your personal consumption/waste output, see the damage that our choices are making to habitats/wildlife, connect the DOTS and realise that every single one of us can and must make a difference!

What is DOT Star and the #DOTchallenge?

Braam Malherbe’s #DOT (Do One Thing) Challenge is to use your personal opportunities and influence to make a commitment to a conservation cause or other charitable cause that you are passionate about. If we each decide and commit to Do One Thing (#DOT) every single day we can create an eco-movement of positive change for the planet.

“My DOT Challenge is honouring people who are taking action for the planet. Every week we feature a DOT Star (kind of like a “rock star” for the planet): someone who is using their personal time and influence to make a difference to animals and the environment. If you think you are our next DOT Star, or would like to nominate someone please send your motivation plus photos to me via email or messenger.” – Braam Malherbe

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