Changing old tyres into functional art

Our DOT Star of the week is Sibusiso Mrauzeli! He was chosen by Braam because Sibu makes a wide range of chairs and tables out of up-cycled tyres that he picks up laying around the streets. “Those same tyres people are burning when they protest and vandalise community property,” says Sibu. They are covered in colourful ropes to create a piece of functional art.

DOT Star Sibusisu Mraulezi is taking action and turning old tyres into functional art

DOT Star Sibusisu Mraulezi is taking action and turning old tyres into functional arttar

“The inspiration behind this is that we come from a less privileged society, where the youth involve themselves mostly in drugs, alcohol and gangsterism. We aim to change the perspective that people have about the society where we reside in. Also, we are inspired by local entrepreneurs.”
Prices start from R500 and you can contact Sibu via WhatsApp on 079 545 6866

What is DOT Star and the #DOTchallenge?

Braam Malherbe’s #DOT (Do One Thing) Challenge is to use your personal opportunities and influence to make a commitment to a conservation cause or other charitable cause that you are passionate about. If we each decide and commit to Do One Thing (#DOT) every single day we can create an eco-movement of positive change for the planet.

“My DOT Challenge is honouring people who are taking action for the planet. Every week we feature a DOT Star (kind of like a “rock star” for the planet): someone who is using their personal time and influence to make a difference to animals and the environment. If you think you are our next DOT Star, or would like to nominate someone please send your motivation plus photos to me via email or messenger.” – Braam Malherbe

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